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A Sorbetto is the Italian way of saying sorbet, is an ice cream dessert that is usually intense in flavor and creamy in texture, but does not contain dairy products, or substitutes, nor fats, gluten, nuts and derivatives, soy, eggs, colorings, or artificial flavors.
Artisen Gelato is a family business, which has specialized in the development of Sorbet. In our first Artisen Gelato shop, we have achieved total success; our customers are growing more and more satisfied with healthy products, made from 100% natural fruit pulps.

We have made a lot of work and effort in our store located at 301 W John Street, Matthews, NC 28105, with the tradition and family experience, we have in the artisanal manufacture of Sorbet, a diversity of flavors -22 at the moment and In permanent evolution – and we are ensuring a successful introduction in this market.

For this reason, we believe, this is the time to expand our product through commercial strategies with Food Markets and strategically placed points of sale, in order to reach a greater number of consumers with high quality and very healthy products.

By means of this very special offer and limited in time, you can not only obtain Artisen Sorbetto of high quality and with many vitamins, for your consumption as lovers of ice cream, but also, our interest is focused on including people who have “Allergies” and vegans, and can not consume common ice creams, and this is the sweet treat of a high population; with your purchase of Artisen Sorbetto you will help us to make all this happen.
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