Hundreds of years ago, the indigenous people of Ecuador would climb to the top of the inactive ‘Imbabura’ volcano and come down with blocks of ice and ‘frailejon’ or paramo straw. Then they would lay a bronze pot, called a paila, in a bed of the straw. After crushing the ice, they would mix it with natural fruit juice and then stir the mixture in the paila with a wooden spoon until it became a rich, creamy consistency. They had created gelato. Ramón Riofrio was taught this special culinary skill when he was just 12 years old from his grandfather. Ramón found a way to use today’s technology to help him make the same delicious gelato at his Matthews, NC gelato shop, Artisen.

Artisen is a natural outgrowth of Ramon’s early Eduadorian childhood upbringing – creating gelato with his grandfather. Ramon offers a uniqye handmade gelato with the purpose of providing quality and satisfaction to the customers.

Sorbetto is the Italian way of saying sorbet, and it is an ice cream dessert that is usually intense in flavor, but does not contain dairy products, gluten, nuts and derivatives, soy, eggs, dyes, or artificial flavors.

Artisen Gelato originated as a family business, focusing on the development of sorbet. By using healthy products, made from 100% natural fruit pulps, Artisen Gelato continues to grow in satisfaction.

By 2018, converting Artisen into the consumer preference nationwide. Manufacturing and marketing artisan products of excellent quality, seeking to maintain profitability and sustainability that benefits our shareholders and the community in general framed by respect, honesty, integrity and transparency. So also meet the demands of a society that advances every day more towards a healthier life.

The Benefits of our gelatos …

Some of our amazing flavors

Apple Pie

Mouth watering grandma’s Apple Pie is a cinch for our traditional apple pie gelato.

Amarena Cheesecake

Fresh and summery, the authentic flavor of amarena cherries and cheesecake, make them the perfect combination for our gelato.

Key Lime Pie

Real flavors provides a bold kick in this smooth, tangy, refreshing and creamy Key Lime Pie gelato.

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